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Learn, progress and exceed your own expectations - join with friends of the same ability.

Learning to ski doesn't have to be a chore! Come and have fun, learn, succeed and share the experience with others of the same ability. The instructor will adapt the lessons so you can all learn at the same pace. From beginner to advanced, group lessons are a great way to get started or build on your progress.

Périodes & Horaires

Dates & Times

Throughout Seasonfrom 22/12/2018to 05 /04/2019

 09:15 - 11:45

christmas holidayfrom 22/12/2018to 05/01/2019

09:15 - 11:45

14:00 - 16:30
february holidayfrom 10/02/2019to 08/03/2019




From: 148 €
Group Ski Lessons Adultschristmas holiday
Sunday to FridayPrice
(levels Class 1,2,3 and competition)
148 €
(levels beginner and class1)
148 €
Group Ski Lessons Adults february holiday
Sunday to FridayPrice
 (levels class 2 and 3)
148 €
   (levels beginner and class 1)
148 €
  Group Ski Lessons Adultsthroughout season
sunday to friday
148 €

Price: family advantage

If 4 people from the same family (parents / children) book into group lessons or Club Piou Piou for the week, there is a discounted price. Book directly with the reservation form.
From: 130 €
Group Ski Lessons 
Sunday to FridayPrice
6 half days
148 €

single ticket price

Sunday to FridayPrice
1 group ski lesson (subject to availability)                           39 €
Témoignage moniteur

A few words of wisdom

Victor, instructor ESF Doucy
Group lessons are a good way to move forward & progress together at the same pace. It is also an opportunity to meet new people and share good times with others.