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Learning to ski 
is 'childs play' in 

children From 3 to 4 yrs old
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A well equipped secure and safe area awaits your child in Club Piou Piou, giving them the best environment to learn to ski! Club Piou Piou welcomes children from Sunday to Friday.

The entire team in Club Piou Piou introduces your children to ski through educational methods adapted to little ones. A playful journey with the characters in the garden in a protected area helps the children to learn to ski through fun play.

At their own pace and with other children to play with, enhanced with games, the instructors get the children to take turns with those first glides, turns and stops. Every day a snack will be offered and if it's cold or if it snows a lot, the children can also play inside in the warm.

Périodes & Horaires

Dates & Times

feBRUARY HOLIDAYFROM 09/02/2020 TO 06/03/2020
morning08:30 - 12:00
13:45 - 17:15
full day
08:30 - 17:15
08:45 - 12:15 
afternoon 13:45 - 17:15 
full day
 08:45 - 17:15

Price: club piou piou

From: 199 €
Club Piou Piou - with meals 4 years
Sunday to Fridayprice
6 morning313 €
6 afternoon313 €
6 days447 €
Club Piou Piou - without meals4 years
Sunday to Fridayprice
6 morning199 €
6 afternoon199 €
6 days352 €
Club Piou-Piou - with meals 3 years
Sunday to friday
6 morning
313 €
6 afternoon
313 €
Club Piou-Piou - without meals 3 years
sunday to friday
6 morning
199 €
6 afternoon
 199 €

single ticket price

Sunday to Friday price
1 half day lesson Club Piou Piou (subject to availability)45 €
1 meal19 €
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Your feedback is important

Adrien, Parent ESF Valmorel
Thank you to the instructors of ESF Valmorel for accompanying our son Noah for his first time skiing. This week was a great success for all of us and Noah really enjoyed all the games in Club Piou Piou.