Advice and Preparation

Meeting Points

The smooth running of classes depends on your instructor, but also on you too. 

Please be on time for your class with esf Valmorel.

The meeting points are as follows:

  • Combelouviere chairlift for children from 5 years old who got their flocon level.
  • Club Piou Piou meeting in the ski garden for children from 3 to 5 preparing their ourson.

Equipement for Club Piou-Piou

Remember to equip your children according to the needs of their discipline because the equipment is not provided in our services. Children must :

  • be dressed in warm clothes (hat, mittens...)
  • have suncream and sunglasses even if it looks like the sun won't come out
  • be equipped with a bib, helmet and skis with your child's name on them
  • not wearing a scarf or tying their mittens with cords in the sleeves of their anoraks to be comfortable when on skis

Conditions of sales 

- ESF Doucy is allowed to cancel or modify the groups should they count less than 4 attendants.
- Weather conditions, lifts breakdowns or other external incidents should not be attributable to ESF Doucy.
- ESF Doucy doesn't provide insurance, we strongly recommend you to take an insurance.

For any reservation, please read our general conditions of sale.